Porsche (GT3) RS 4.0 - Fastest lap at Laguna Seca

A quick disclaimer about this "blog": We don't "blog" how "they" say we should. We really don't care. Either you enjoy the videos we find, or you've already seen them and don't care. Ultimately, this site is a homage to people who enjoy racing and track days as much as we do.

Birth of another RWB 911

The Porsche purists will probably want my head after I make this statement.
I think the RWB style is awesome.
Well I'll tell you after the jump....

The Obligatory Gymkhana 5 Post

I'm so sick of everyone bashing Ken Block.
After watching how can you say that you are not entertained?

BMW M5 - "Bullet" - High Performance Art

I'm a sucker for awesome car commercials. BMW never dissapoints with the latest spot featuring the M5. Especially since it seems to be done without any CGI whatsoever. Just good old staging and high speed super slow-motion camera work. Oh, and doesn't hurt to have one of the fastest production sedans as the star.

See? It's not just me who aims for Toyota Hybrids...

I confess. I'm that guy. If your driving a Prius, and if you have been almost run off the road, that was probably me.
So as much as I hate that it's always a Ferrari driver doing something stupid on a racetrack (or the street), at least he took a page from my book and speared a Toyota Hybrid in the process.