The Obligatory Gymkhana 5 Post

I'm so sick of everyone bashing Ken Block.
After watching how can you say that you are not entertained?

And that's what this is all about , by the way. Entertainment. Every race. Every performance car. Every drifting car in every commercial ever made. Entertainment.
If you feel you can judge Block on his WRC performance, let's see what your WRC stats are. Want to berate him on his choice of music for the closing sequence of his vids? We can compare it to your million-dollar production. Care to make comments on his RallyCross results? Funny, I didn't see you on the grid either.
Bottom line is: If you can't compete or challenge him in his chosen sport; shut the hell up and enjoy the video.
I know I did...
Well done Ken, your true fans will always respect your dedication, originality, and most of all - your deranged driving style!
Blend on!!!

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    He does have some serious skills, no question. Question is, shouldn't he just stick to this sort of thing?